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FAQ: Can My Creditors Still Call Me?

Vince Rubino is a Bankruptcy Attorney located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and can assist you with your Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Legal Matter.   Contact us for a free consultation.   Below is one of the Bankruptcy Law FAQs to help you better understand the bankruptcy process.

Q —> Will my creditors still be able to call me?

A —> Once we are retained, we instruct you to refer all telephone calls to us. When you advise a creditor you are being represented by an attorney, the creditor may not call you back (unless the attorney advises the creditor he/she is in fact not representing the obligor or you do not follow through with the bankruptcy filing). A creditor can be sued if it continues to call you after the creditor has been notified that you are being represented by an attorney.

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