Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Pennsylvania

The Poconos Bankruptcy Lawyers at Newman Williams can assist you with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing in Stroudsburg, PA and the surrounding areas.  Contact Eastern PA Bankruptcy Lawyer Vince Rubino for a free chapter 7 consultation.

Stroudsburg PA Chapter 7 Bankruptcy FAQs

Question – What is the cost of filing a Chater 7 bankruptcy petition?

Answer –  The Bankruptcy Court filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is presently $335.00.

Question – Is the initial consultation free of charge?

Answer – Yes

Question – What is the difference between the different chapters of bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 11, etc.)?

Answer – Most individuals file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is designed for individuals with limited income and assets who wish to discharge unsecured debts, such as credit cards, personal loans, car loans/repossessions, and medical bills. Chapter 13, which is a monthly payment plan used to repay some amount to creditors, may be used when the assets and/or income of the debtor(s) is/are in excess of what is permitted under Chapter 7.

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