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5 Stars by Mike from – 11/30/15

Fantastic attorney!

After a long period of unemployment following a layoff, I had to file bankruptcy. I was not at all happy at the prospect of doing it, but had no other choice. I met with Vincent Rubino and he was extremely thorough, going through all of my options and giving superb and detailed advice. He explained everything and was extremely responsive throughout the whole process, staying on top of my case and quickly answering all questions. He is not only a top notch professional who knows his stuff, he is also very friendly and easy to talk to. It took much of the anxiety out of the equation knowing I had him on my side.

Not only is Vincent Rubino is a wonderful attorney, he’s also a really great person who actually cares about his clients and doing what is best for them. He made the process easy and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Posted by Mike

5 Stars by Judy from – 11/21/15

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Foreclosure was pending and I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Mr. Rubino’s name was given to me by my neice so I called him. He worked very quickly as there was a time factor. He was efficient and very helpful. Calling him was the best thing that I could have done. He told me exactly what was going to happen. He was understanding and didn’t judge me. I have always been able to get in touch with him and he has explained the process each time I have a question. He answers emails very quickly; even when he is not in the office. The process is not over yet but I don’t expect to run into any problems that he can’t explain to me. For such an unpleasant and upsetting situation, I couldn’t have found a better man to help me through it.

Posted by Judy

5 Stars by Karen from – 10/12/15

Wonderful lawyer, wonderful man!

Due to job loss, I had to file bankruptcy. I dreaded it, rolled my eyes and was exasperated at thought of filing bankruptcy. I met Vincent Rubino June 2014. Vincent advised me of my options, explained everything in detail and stayed in touch by phone and email. He’s compassionate and easy going. After he reviewed my debt, he advised me the best thing for me to do was file. Vincent doesn’t pass judgment, he’s understanding to the fact everyone’s circumstances are different. After the paperwork, it’s a breeze. While waiting to approach the judge, he was reassuring that there is nothing to worry about.
Not only is Vincent Rubino is a wonderful Bankruptcy Lawyer, he’s a great person too. It was a pleasure doing business with him and I highly recommend him.

*Thank you, Vincent, for everything.
I appreciate everything you did.
~Karen T.~

Posted by Karen

5 Stars by Mark from – 08/17/15

Excellent Lawyer

I met Vincent in October 2012 for a consultation in regards to filing bankruptcy. Throughout the entire consultation Vince was very informative and gave me advice on how I can file. After the consultation I hired him and he has helped me tremendously through the process. He is very knowledgeable of the bankruptcy laws and is quick in responding to emails and calls . I will highly recommend Vincent to anyone who is considering bankruptcy.

Posted by Mark

5 Stars by Lisa Saunders from – 08/14/15

Truly Heaven Sent!

I was going through a rough period in my life and so I decided to file for bankruptcy. I had just lost my job, in the beginning stages of losing my house, due to falling behind, and simply dealing with a very chaotic life. so, I went looking for an attorney. The whole time i was looking, i prayed that whoever i found, would not treat me like i did something wrong. I was filled with anxiety about how they would view me. I met Attorney Rubino and a new chapter in my life begins. He took on my case and worked hard from beginning to end, he treated me with respect and true concern. he never made it feel as though, he was just doing a job.

Rubino got my bankruptcy file in a timely manner and on a payment schedule i could affordas well as saved my house. Rubino and his team was very welcoming and always professional in their interactions. I never had to wait for any news to come in the mail, they called and/or emailed me. Explained things in a way, that I would understand and not leave confused. I started out working with Rubino and now I am working with Attorney Christman, who have managed to get my bankruptcy payments lowered and reviewed and assist in getting a mortgage modification. I needed a new car, they assist in getting the approval through the court for me to secure a new car. So, when I tell you they built an award winning team, they are FANTASTIC. It feels more like family than anything. I seek their guidance with ALL my legal needs. They truly go above and beyond for the individuals they service. And, their assistants in the office are just as great (Elizabeth & Maggie), they truly are helpful, respectful and keep you informed. There are so many wonderful people in this office. I know, you may say, they sound perfect, they may not be perfect, so do not get me wrong, BUT they are as close as you will get. I can go on and on, but you must experience it for yourself.

Posted by Lisa Saunders

5 Stars by Lisa Saunders from – 08/03/15

An Excellent Lawyer

Vincent is always there and prompt to answer any questions that I may have. He is knowledgeable and professional and I appreciate his advice

Posted by Sandra

5 Stars from – 07/29/15

Feeling Protected

Vincent is what every attorney should be. He is smart and confident. He was able to convey answers to all of my questions and concerns with a big warm smile. I felt that he was trustworthy. He took as much time as needed to resolve problems so that the problems could not become larger. I would highly recommend Vincent.

Posted by Anonymous

5 Stars from Clary at – 04/08/15

Best Bankruptcy Attorney

Vincent Rubino is compassionate and thorough. He has handled all of my bankruptcy situations timely and effectively. I highly recommend Mr. Rubino and have done so to my family and friends.

Posted by Clary

5 Stars from Andrew at – 03/13/15


Vince Rubino is the BEST!!! Throughout the whole process, he walked us through step by step and answered all our questions thoroughly!! Everything went very smoothly and we would HIGHLY recommend him!!

Posted by Andrew

5 Stars from Gail at – 03/12/15

Highly Recommended

Dealing with bankruptcy was very frightening for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was very apprehensive about the process. Vincent Rubino put us at ease from the start and was very approachable from day one. He answered all of our questions very thoroughly (and we had many) and in a timely manner. His sense of humor and friendly disposition put our fears to rest and made the process very easy for us. I would highly recommend contacting him if one is considering filing.

Posted by Gail

5 Stars from Teresa at – 03/12/15

Knowledgeable and Informative

I highly recommend Vincent Rubino. I needed Bankruptcy advice on a forclosure. He was very informative and knowledgeable about the law and gave me very good advice. The consultation was free. He was very flexible with accommodating me regarding my commuting schedule. At this time, I don’t need he’s services, (which he suggested), but I will definitely go back to him when I do.

Posted by Teresa Reviews of Vince Rubino

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